14 interesting things of swimmer Phelps

1. Phelps started getting used to swimming for 7 years old

2. The first type of swimming he learned was to swim backstage because he was afraid his head would be underwater

3. At the age of 10, Phelps broke the national record for his age at 100 meters butterfly content

4. In 2000, Phelps became the youngest male swimmer in 68 years of the US delegation to the Olympics.

5. Phelps’s arm span is longer than his height. When his arms are fully extended, their length reaches 80 inches (about 2.03 meters).

6. Phelps has a size of 14 feet. It like a big paddle helps push people forward strongly

7. Phelps’s body is able to recover very quickly after exertion. This helps him to participate in many matches in one day

8. He can swim 100 meters in less than 50 seconds. This American athlete holds the world record for 100 meters of butterfly content and he holds the world record for 200 meters of butterfly content.

9. At age 15, he became the youngest male athlete to break a world record at Spring Nationals in 2001

10. At the age of 27, Phelps became the most mediocre athlete in Olympic history.

11. This athlete is holding the US national record at 12 different ages

12. He swam 80,000 meters a week with 2-3 training sessions a day To prepare for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing

13. Phelps is the 5th richest person in the Olympics and he is the richest in the group of swimmers.

14. Phelps is still very healthy despite being over 30 years old