4 things to notice when going swimming

In the summer, we often go to the pool as a heat treatment. However, there are many notes you need to know before you go swimming!

Before swimming

It takes about 30 minutes to warm up the body:

Making movements to warm up muscles and joints. Morning exercises may be used

You should practice the following movements twice with different intensity.

Slow running (100 meters)

Continue to warm up joints in order: match the neck vertebrae, win back, hip joints, knee joints, ankles, feet, shoulder joints, elbows, wrists, fingers. Perform the rotation movement clockwise and vice versa.

Drink enough water

Like many other sports, swimming also makes us dehydrated and sweaty. Therefore, we need to pay attention to providing adequate body water before, during and after swimming.

You should avoid falling into thirst because it can affect health, cause fatigue and lead to many unfortunate accidents.

Do not eat too much before swimming

Overeating before swimming will make you feel sluggish, uncomfortable, causing a feeling of drowsiness, abdominal pain and affecting your swimming performance.

4 things to notice when going swimming

Because to digest the amount of food you consume in your body, it will take about 45 minutes, at which time the blood will rush to the digestive organs to perform this function.

Therefore, if you do not want to be dominated by many agents while swimming, you should not eat at least 45 minutes before swimming.

Equipped with glasses, swimming caps

The water in swimming pools often contains lots of chemicals, wastes, and dirt that are harmful to the body. Therefore, in addition to good swimwear, we should also equip “protective” means such as glasses, swimming caps, etc. to protect sensitive areas of the body, especially the eyes, to avoid bad effects and harmful diseases.