American swimming legend Michael Phelps swims with white sharks

Michael Phelps đã thua cá mập trắng chỉ 2 giây /// AFP, chụp màn hình

Recently, in the challenging race off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, former swimmer Michael Phelps lost only 2 seconds to a white shark.

The race between Michael Phelps, a former 32-year-old athlete, holds the record for winning the most Olympic medals of all time and nicknamed “Super-Fishman”, with a dangerous white shark within 100 meters of the TV channel. Discovery organization. This is part of the channel’s “Shark Week” program, aired on July 23. The race also explores the speed limit of swimming sharks.

When Phelps competed, she was equipped with a special swimwear, designed with the most advanced technology available today, structured like shark skin and a simulated duck-like tail to speed up . For safety reasons, Phelps and the white shark took turns and the image was processed together to look like a real race between humans and animals.

However, although Phelps has significantly improved swimming speed thanks to the advanced technology kit, from an average of 2.6 m / sec to about 4 m / sec still cannot compete when white sharks have swimming speed Maximum measured up to 11.1 m / sec. Phelps only “competes” on par with the white shark at the start, in the last 30 m, he is completely overpowered by the “rival”. After 100 m of battle, Phelps scored 38.1 seconds, while the white shark was 36.1 seconds.

Phelps asked to race again in warm waters, with little wind and more similar conditions instead of at sea, and swim one after another for safety reasons. The Discovery Channel plans to host another race as Phelps demands. Phelps said: “I was overwhelmed by the speed of the swimmer’s shark underwater as well as its size. However, if swimming in warmer water conditions, I think I will improve the maximum speed from 4 m / sec to about 6-7 m / sec. Under these conditions, sharks may not be as fast as at sea and I may have a chance to win it. ”