American Swimming Queen Declared Retirement At The Age Of 23

Missy Franklin, one of the talented swimming queens of the US, decided to give up her career when she was just … 23 years old. The female swimmer, who won 5 Olympic gold medals and 11 gold medals in the World Aquatics Championships, said that it took a lot of time to make the decision.

Why did Missy retire when she was still so young?

In fact, Franklin had suffered from her shoulder pain for a long time. It was such painful pain that she sincerely explained in her retirement: “I am ready to no longer hurt every day.” A shoulder injury, together with a symptom of depression, greatly influenced Missy’s performance. This made her unable to win a personal medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in Brazil, except for the gold medal achieved with fellow American swimmers.

How has she been doing?

At the Olympic Aquatics Stadium (at Barra Olympic Park, Rio de Janeiro), Franklin ranked 13 in the 200-meter freestyle semi-final round, with a record of 1 minute 57 seconds 56. With this result, she failed to reach the final. In the 200-meter backstroke, she only ranked 7th in the semi final and was also eliminated early. These are amazing achievements for a talented female abductor, who won up to 4 gold medals (and 1 bronze medal) at the London 2012 Olympics – in the 100-meter backstroke content, 200 meters backstroke, 4×200 meter freestyle relay and 4×100 meter mixed relay, just at the age of seventeen.

Time for retirement

Franklin confided in the emotional letter to ESPN, that she started to realize, the biggest dream of her life, more than to hunt the Olympic gold medal, is to become a mother. She called swimming as her first love, stated it was a perfect picture for the first 18 years. At the end of the letter, Franklin wrote: “It took a lot of time, I dare say I retireā€. Hope she will have a great retirement after the wonderful achievements she had achieved in her swimming career.