Australian abalone is involved in a doping scandal

Shayna Jack embarrassed the Australian swimming team when admitting positive for the banned substance on July 29.

Previously, the Chinese athlete Sun Yang was called ‘disgusting, doping fraud’ for being involved in using doping.

The Queensland athlete acknowledged the test in late June and a recent sample tested positive for the Ligandrol assimilator, helping increase muscle mass during bodybuilding workouts.

The acknowledgment of the 20-year-old fisherman – the rising star of the Australian swimming village – is a blow to the country’s swimming team. At the Underwater World Championship in July 2019, Australia made a ruckus when Mack Horton refused to stand in the same podium for a photo shoot with Sun Yag.

Australian athletes claim that Chinese fishermen are fraudsters when using drugs. Horton quickly received a series of criticisms from the Chinese community. Glass fishermen who won 2016 gold were labeled as “clowns” and threatened to kill on social networks.

However, the case of Shayna Jack has added fuel to the fire. Chinese and Western media outlets think that Australia is “hypocritical” when criticizing other countries. Many posts on social media related to the incident with the pill symbol.

“Australia is really embarrassed when athletes take drugs but criticize other countries,” one comment wrote.

Jack is in his hometown of Brisbane with his family. The athlete swears that he is clean and doesn’t know why the banned substance gets into the drug system. “I don’t get much sleep and I feel empty. I have to face the judgment of people who know nothing about who I am,” the four-time athlete won the medal for relay events at the championship. writers.

The World Swimming Federation has not yet reached a final conclusion with Jack. In the event of a deliberate use, this player may be barred from playing for at least two years.