Dressel broke Michael Phelps’s 10-year world record (Part 2)

“I am sad to see my record broken but it is also fun for him. That boy’s last 100m is extraordinary. His performance in 200m from the start comes to the finish line as if flying. It happens because he really wants to do and dream about it, he knows what he has to do to achieve this achievement and has practiced to improve the step by step technique to make it beautiful. It’s a hard effort. I tip my hat for him, “Michael Phelps told The New York Times after a record of 200m of his butterfly was broken.

Kristof Milak came back after 1 minute 50.73 seconds in the 200m butterfly finals contest 24/7. This result helps the 19-year-old Hungarian fisherman become the fastest male athlete to swim 200m butterfly in the world. The old record belongs to legend Michael Phelps with 1 minute 51.51 seconds, set at the 2009 world championship in Rome, Italy.

However, Milak made a spectacular breakthrough at the next 50 meters. He rose to the top from the middle of the tank and reached the 150m mark with 1.07 seconds faster than Le Clos, then headed for victory with a record.

Coach Bob Bowman, who was famous for his time working with Phelps, commented: “Obviously, the most impressive part of his competition is the last 100m. 57.8 seconds in that distance is a new level. I I like his technique, there are many similarities with Phelps, he is lying down and deep in the water and breathing out when facing forward on the water, his footwork is strong and decisive. The way he swims over the past few years, I think Kristof will come near the record, but don’t think he can break it.