Everything about cold water swimming (part 2)

• Decrease of stress and enhanced mood

The rhythmic swimming motion can help your stressful feelings dissipate since you focus on the movement of your body. It is almost one exercise in mindful meditation when you glide through the cold water. Also, as you immerse yourself in the water, you will feel one stinging sensation on your complexion, which the body combats by generating yet more endorphins, which create a feeling of happiness when you get out.

• Improved sleep

When taking to the open water from time to time, you will find that the sleep is better. It is because the water that is cold stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system – that way helps your body rest as well as repairing itself. It promotes a calm feeling, which should then lead to a night of better sleep.

• Enhanced immune system

When often immersing yourself in the water, you will be through something named as cold water shock. Such a shock can kick-start your immune system, helping to generate more white blood cells as well as antioxidants, thus boosting your immune system as well as reducing various illnesses, say, the common cold and heart disease.

The cold-water swimming elation far outweighs your discomfort of entering this water. Your joys when you are wild swimming may be immense. They are the relaxation sense of floating in the cold water, the freedom as well as the feeling when savoring nature. You can enjoy swimming in unfrequented bays off the coast, such as off the North Devon coast, with other swimmers. Your most memorable experience may be an evening swim with one group in the dark; it is under the full moon, and you enjoy the bioluminescence that sparkles in the cold water as you try and disturb the surface. And you can enjoy the campfire after that!