Four popular swimming styles in the world

There are many swimming styles, each of which can effectively help you to be in good health. Here are the popular swimming styles in Swimming Pool, the easiest swimming styles to learn for newcomers, you can consult to choose the right swimming style when you start swimming.

Currently, there are four popular swimming styles in the world as follows.

Freestyle stroke

This is the fastest swimming style. Freestyle stroke requires you to use 2 feet continuously staggering forward, wiping the rear back as the main force to move the body forward. The body shape must be straight, not up and down like breast stroke or butterfly stroke. Try to wave your legs staggered, with the form almost holding the knees straight, stretching out 2 feet. When swimming by this style, the effect of the feet is usually small, mostly to keep the back body afloat and keep the entire body in line, almost on the same level as the water.

Butterfly stroke, sometimes Fly stroke, Dolphin stroke

To use this swimming style, you need to be an active swimmer because it requires the combination of the whole body. In butterfly stroke, the movements of the arms are symmetrical, the legs need to be closed (to make it like a dolphin’s tail), the whole body emerges and collapses to create a smooth bending in the wave shape.



Backstroke is technique similar type of swimming with a crawling swimming pool but the body posture is opposite. You need to face up.


This is the slowest swimming style of 4 types of sports swimming. It is a frog-like swimming style underwater.

These four swimming styles are popularly used in current sports competitions and swimming exercises. All above types of swimming require learning and technical training.