How Does COVID-19 Negatively Affect World Swimming?

Not only do swimmers lose their performance, the disease strikes and destroys their health.

The Hungarian Swimming Federation announced that there were 9 positive samples in the national swim team list, as well as staff members working with the team and coaches. Notably, these COVID-19-infected athletes have just participated in training sessions last month and returned home from March 13. These are all evaluated as the medal hopes of the Hungarian swimming team at the Tokyo Olympic Games here.

Among those infected athletes, there is Boglarka Kapas (26), who won the women’s 200m women’s butterfly swimming world title in 2019.

In addition, the leading Hungarian swimmer, Dominik Kozma, who won the world bronze medal in the men’s 4x100m relay, is also positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus. This result is available after the second test even if the first test is negative.

Despite full treatment, the sequelae of the virus will impair lung function, affecting the breathing of athletes.

In addition, the disease also affects the training of athletes. Many people believe that swimmers can easily maintain their style at home during COVID-19, but revealed from Adam Peaty, the 2016 Olympic frog swimming champion, shows that things are not that easy.

According to Adam Peaty, cyclists and rowers can easily maintain their fitness at the gym during the COVID-19. However, swimmers like him are extremely difficult to maintain the style for Tokyo 2020.

The simple reason is that swimmers do not currently use the pool. He said this affected greatly. As a result, he now has to turn to tracking exercise and dieting.

Swimming is one of the subjects we can’t do normally unless we go into the water. Unfortunately they don’t have a pool for the next 3 weeks, at least. It’s really hard to explain to swimmers who understand the relationship between swimmers and water. They often say that if a swimmer leaves the country for 1 day, then after 2 days of training is enough to recover. So the only problem is how long the quarantine is and when they can come back. He is exercising at home and running a lot, cycling a lot, but these are not the key points.