Katie Ledecky: 19 years old and 13 swimming records

At the age of 19, Katie Ledecky, the American athlete has been going through the best tournaments in her career. There are two numbers that highlight Ledecky’s great achievements in her career: 19 years old and 13 world records!

Can you imagine any similarities between those two numbers? The talented young girl has had a series of world records in swimming.

Not surprisingly, experts are increasingly searching for nicknames to describe Ledecky’s talent and dominance on the blue track. People are not machines because they cannot avoid being tired.

For any athlete, it is the moment of declining performance, loss of concentration or hundreds of thousands of reasons why they do not achieve as expected. But with Ledecky, nothing changed. Accuracy is always absolute. The performances are always perfect. No blemishes, no defects. There is no chance for competitors to cross.

Katie Ledecky: 19 years old and 13 swimming records

That is why she is considered a machine. A smart machine with superior features that no rival can match. At the moment that Michael Phelps was helpless to raise his swimming gold number to the 23rd because he could not win his 21-year-old Singaporean rival, Ledecky won the fourth gold medal at the Rio Olympics and it was the fifth Olympic gold medal. And again, she did it when she was 19 years old.

The tears kept falling. Katie Ledecky cried like she never cried so much. Tears of happiness. “I’ve never seen Katie cry after a competition. This is the first time I saw her cry. True feelings don’t hide” – Phelps said.

Certainly, these are not Katie’s last gold medals. There are still many swimming achievements ahead waiting for her to conquer. The girl’s talent promises to help her have a great future in her swimming career.