Katie Ledecky lost the gold medal in the swimming world championships

Dominate the 400m freestyle swimming route for the past six years, but the American fisherman only finished second in the city of Gwangju on July 21.

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Ledecky reached the final in the 400m freestyle final, with a record of 3 minutes 59 seconds 97, 21 seconds slower than the Australian runner-up Ariarne Titmus. The Washington Post described: “It all felt strange on the medal stand. The flabbergasted expression still remained on the face of the most famous woman on the blue track.”

Katie Ledeck

Titmus started better at the first 150m, but Ledecky took the lead from the fourth round, half-body. However, everything changed at the last 50m. Titmus, 18, breathtakingly sprinted, leveled the distance of 0.62 seconds and finished the goal in front of her senior. “I’ve never seen anyone overcome that gap with Ledecky,” Meehan said.

Since the gold medal at the 2013 World Championship, Ledecky has absolutely dominated the 400m freestyle content. She outstripped the remaining competitors and won three gold medals in the world and an Olympic gold medal in this race. The challenge with the American fisherman only appeared in 2018, when Titmus became the second competitor (after Ledecky) to swim 400m freestyle under four minutes.

In the qualifying round, Ledecky achieved the best achievement when finishing 400m in 4 minutes 1 second 84. Her performance in the final competition improved, but still 3 seconds 51 seconds behind the world record set by Ledecky in Olympic Rio 2016. In Gwangju, the American fisherman did not get a drop in form, when this achievement was only the third highest in personal statistics in 2019.

At the 2019 World Championship, Ledecky also competed in four more events, including 200m, 800m, 1500m and 4x200m of freedom. She also has a chance to revive Titmus in the 200m free content on July 24. The goal of the 22-year-old fisherman is to be the third person to win four gold medals in a world championship.