Prepare to Escape The Summer Heat with Top Swimming Pool games

Stay indoors to avoid the sun, but warm up and get yourself ready to release the energy to the most competitive swimming games.

Are you tired of surfing the workflow and wish for some air to breathe? If you can go outside at the moment, why not treat yourself some brain-releasing moment from the tension?

There is no need to install any application on your electronic device; the web games have the advantages to wake you up just one click away.

Check out the top swimming games for your leisure time.

Swimming Pro – Fun and free Swimming pro

This game allows you to attend a competition of swimming against seven swimmers to win money if you can beat the first three positions.

There are two modes of online and offline gameplay where online mode permits saving data on the cloud and shows the leaderboard of real-time players. This online saving requires logging in with an account while the Local save setting will proceed with your achievement in the web browser cache.

The game has simple controls using the left and right keys to boost your swimming speed and Spacebar to make the perfect turn. The trick is to hit the green center part in the sliding bar when the arrow points to it at the right time.

You will be rewarded with cash in the meantime unlocking more levels.

Swimming Pool Kissing – Hot-in-the-cool kissing game in the pool

Treat yourself some romance with this hot-in-the-cool kissing game in the pool. There is no challenge in this game, but giving you funny moments, making the two characters kissing each other to earn the point.

Your task is to click and hold the left mouse to make the man and the woman kiss while filling the love bar in one minute. But that’s not all; you will need to stop the flirty time when somebody in the pool like a kid approaches so as not to draw the attention.