Schooling lost himself after the glory (Part 2)

Singaporean swimmers have been falling since the 2016 Rio Olympics.

After graduating from University in the US, Schooling returned home and decided to practice at home to prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Living with parents and being considered the inspiration of the young people in the country is always great. great. Schooling felt that very clearly.

However, athletes with very good-looking appearance seem to be “suffocated” by the glory they created. He shared that going back to Singapore to live and train made him feel the pressure to multiply. When diving into the water with a heavy head, the body of the swimmer who once won the Olympic championship slowly.

“I spent more sleepless nights (this year) than any other time throughout my career. I have never been in such a situation,” Schooling said.

Training in the Singapore swimming environment is also different from the United States, the great power that produces famous swimmers. Schooling recently hired a new coach, but the achievement has not been satisfactory. At the national swimming tournament in June, he finished after 54 seconds 63 at the forte.

That achievement was 4 seconds behind Schooling’s Olympic champion. At the 2017 World Championships, the 24-year-old whale still swam 100 m butterflies after 50 seconds 83. Thus, the “golden boy” of the Singapore swimming village is swimming slowly with each year.

“A lot has changed in the last 4 months. I apply it to a practice calendar of things I’ve never done before. This is a hinge year, and I don’t want to be too focused on achievement. My goal is to be 2020 Tokyo Olympic, “Schooling said.

Recently, Schooling expressed confidence when answering The Straits Times, he announced that he would return strong next year. The optimism of a fisherman in 1995 is the best he can do. However, the fisherman once defeated the legendary Michael Phelps needs to wake up soon if he does not want to be left too far.

At the 2019 World Championship, Caeleb Dressel continued to show outstanding talent when winning the 100 m butterfly content gold medal with a record of 49 seconds 66, just below the world record of Phelps 0.16 seconds.