‘Sharapova of swimming’ -Angelika Timanina returned with ambition

After a break from her career, ‘Maria Sharapova of the swimming’ Angelika Timanina will return in a completely different but ambitious role.

In this comeback, Russian Olympic champion Angelika Timanina did not hide her ambition to continue Maria Sharapova to become an ambassador for the brands and the best people in the sport that they compete.
Nine years after leading the team of the Russian team swimmers to the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics, the 30-year-old athlete will return at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics when the Covid-19 pandemic is pushed back.

This comeback will be a completely different story written by the beautiful girl. Since breaking up her swimming career in 2016, Timanina has begun to get used to surfing and has made great progress making her the best choice for the Russian surfing team at the Tokyo Olympics.
Besides, ‘swimming beauties’ also built their name with sexy and hot photos on Instagram. With more than 160,000 followers, Timanina emerged as one of the famous sports athletes in Russia. Learning from Maria Sharapova, who has set the record for the highest-paid female athlete for 11 consecutive years, Timanina has also become the brand face for high-end domestic brands.

Even when he was banned from playing for a positive test for prohibited substances, Sharapova was still one of the top 10 female athletes on the planet in 2018 and 2019. This has prompted Timanina to seriously invest. about your picture. That’s why she rejected Playboy-style nudity offers.
Timanina did not hide her ambition: “When I left the green track, I began to be active on social networks. I hired a PR person with the desire to grow beyond Russia. I want to be a media person so I can make money from it. I want to be like Maria Sharapova to appear with luxury brands like Dior or Armani. ”