Swimming Strokes and Styles (part 1)

Whether you desire to learn to swim for safety, exercise, or competition, it’s best to learn a couple of different swimming strokes since each offer distinct advantages in various situations. 

Numerous types of swimming strokes and styles mainly include the backstroke, freestyle stroke, breaststroke, sidestroke, and butterfly stroke.

For the competition, your versatility will allow you to compete in multiple events. Regarding exercise, various muscles are used for numerous strokes, so learning these strokes offers a more comprehensive workout. In terms of safety, different strokes can probably be used depending on the particular situation’s dangers.

1. Front Crawl/ Freestyle

The front crawl can be the first swimming stroke that you think of if you picture swimming. This one is commonly named as the freestyle stroke since most swimmers use it in freestyle events. It is, indeed, the fastest.

For executing the front crawl, you will lie on the stomach with the body parallel to the water. Then, propel yourself forward using alternating arm movements in a windmill motion, which starts by pushing underwater as well as recovering above water. Your legs need to drive you with the flutter kick, which is carried out with pointed feet since your legs move down and up in alternation. Avoid bending your legs at your knee.

Time the breathing for matching the swimming strokes by turning the head to the side. At the same time, the arm is in the recovery position. Remember, do not set the head too far and your face upward. Otherwise, you will sink into the water.

2. Backstroke

It requires the same movements like the front crawl, but this one is done, as its name suggests, on the back. Doctors tend to recommend this stroke to those with back problems since it provides a fantastic back workout. Match the breaths to the strokes.