Swimming Strokes and Styles (part 2)

3. The Breaststroke

It is considered a slow competitive stroke of swimming, and this stroke is also commonly learned. Newbies often learn it as it does not ask for putting the head underwater. Yet, in competitive swimming, you will do submerge your head as well as breathing at the stroke’s designated point.

Breaststroke is carried out with the stomach facing down. The arms move at once beneath the water surface in the half-circular motions in front of the body. The legs carry out the whip kick simultaneously. It is performed by bringing the legs from behind you close to the body by bending them at the hips and knees. Next, the legs move outward as well as off to the side before they extend and return together. 

You can time the arm stroke for matching the movements of the legs for increasingly effective propulsion by resting your arms while your legs kick, as well as straightening your legs while your arms should push you forward. 

2. The Butterfly

This advanced stroke of swimming offers a great workout. It can be harder to learn, yet it also brings plenty of fun. It is one of the fast competitive strokes.

To execute this stroke, begin horizontal with the stomach facing the pool’s bottom. Bring the arms at once over the head before pushing them into the water for propelling you forward. Again, bring them up from the water for repetition. Since you move the arms into the pool’s water, push the shoulders and head above the water surface.

The legs will carry out the dolphin kick that asks for your legs to remain together and straight when you kick them like how the lower body and tail of a dolphin moves. Move the body in the fluid motion similar to the wave.