Top 4 hottest swimming learning styles for newbies (part 1)

Swimming is an extremely healthy sport and is loved by many people. Are you a beginner to learn to swim? So, have you found out which swimming style is right for you? Here are the easiest swimming lessons for beginners.

  1. Freestyle stroke

Freestyle stroke is the fastest swimming style among the swimming styles.

Swimming strokes: When swimming strokes, you use 2 hands continuously to staggered forward, wiped back as the main motivation to move the body forward. Body kept straight, not up and down like a frog or a butterfly. The legs wagged alternately with the form of straightening the knees, straightening 2 feet, the amplitude of folding angle is less changed. In the process of swimming should be the most comfortable body and swim gently to keep the back body floating, the whole body is almost in line with the water.

Because the stride of the stride is usually stronger, making more noise, the stride is less frequently used than that of frogs and butterflies. However, the pace of swimming is so fast that it is often used in cases of saving people who are drowning.

  1. Butterfly stroke

Butterfly swimming is a type of swimming face down chest, the movements of the hands are similar, symmetrical with each other, combined with pedal pedal (also known as dolphin pedal). While the slopes, frogs, backsteps can be compatible for beginners, butterfly swimming is difficult, requires good technique and strength. Butterfly swimming is the newest type of swimming introduced in competition, butterfly swimming first appeared in 1933, originated from frog swimming.

The maximum speed in butterfly swimming is higher than that in slither, because of the combination of pulling and pushing water of 2 hands. So, you must know and be proficient with 2 types of swimming frogs and swim strokes, then when learning to swim butterfly will be easier.