Why is swimming the best sport?

Swimming is the most exciting and rewarding sport activity that anyone can join. Swimming is not like running, biking, lifting weights, because this discipline is ideal for all ages and every condition.

You can give yourself a short time during the day to find a pool and practice. Unlike weightlifting or running, which focuses on a specific muscle group, swimming provides benefits for the upper body, body, and is the fastest way to improve overall fitness, endurance and cardiovascular system.

Here are some reasons why you should practice swimming today.

Water soothes tiredness

Swimming has the same benefits as meditation.

Water has long been a symbol of freshness and clarity. Researchers believe that water has powerful effects on the brain.

Spending time in contact with water has the same benefits as meditation. It gives the brain a break from thinking about what happens in the present life. You can get cognitive benefits by swimming and doing some exercise while swimming

No strong pressure on the body

Dragged swimming does not put pressure on bones, joints, and muscles.

Unlike running, or Plyometric (formerly known as muscle shock training), swimming is a cardio exercise and you can practice daily without putting pressure on your bones and joints. and muscles.

Bring a feeling of closeness to nature

If you are lucky to live near the sea or lake, swimming in natural water can be good for your health. Research shows that spending time close to nature can improve people’s mental and physical by helping you maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress and boost your mood.

In addition, if you are a good swimmer, you can participate in other water activities like diving or surfing.