Why should you use swimming goggles when swimming?

Why should you use swimming goggles?
The eyes are like the windows of the soul that help us identify the entire world around us for work and daily life. When swimming, our eyes will enter the water environment which can be affected by agents, bacteria …. leading to eye diseases such as pinkeye, keratitis, etc. Reasons why you should use glasses when swimming.

Use swimming goggles to prevent bacteria from the body’s skin from spreading into the water, if you do not use swimming goggles to protect your eyes, in the long term you will have diseases such as pinkeye, conjunctivitis, this disease can be spread so to protect yourself and people around you should make a habit of using swimming goggles when participating in swimming.
Use swimming goggles to protect the eyes are bright and comfortable to play and exercise without worrying about the water in the eyes causing discomfort and pain.
You can get conjunctivitis and affect your eyesight when you do not use swimming goggles that are contaminated by the pool water environment.
What kind of swimming goggles are on the market?
Currently swimming goggles are divided into three basic types:

Basic type: is the type of swimming goggles used in training or regular swimming suitable for everyone. There are many swimming goggles on the market with many special features such as: Coated mirror, anti-UV; glasses with breathing tubes; glasses covering ears; glasses covering nose; …
Advanced type: is the type used for swimming, diving, sightseeing underwater. Usually these types of diving goggles cost more and are harder to find than regular ones.
Specialized type: special type for athletes used in competition, this type of maximum support for speed.

Note when choosing swimming goggles
When buying and choosing swimming goggles, you should pay attention to the following:

Choose stores and reputable brands to choose to buy. Famous brands in the market include: Fashy, Bestway, Phoenix, View, Speedo or Arena brands. Manufacturers of sportswear like Adidas, Nike or Decathlon also have their own swimming goggles.
You should choose glasses that suit your face and eye size to limit the amount of water that gets into your eyes.
Opt for flexible silicon that protects the eyes.

How to test the glass is suitable?
First, you should try wearing glasses to see if it feels comfortable. You remove the strap, then push the two glasses into your eye sockets. If the swimming goggles fit into the eye sockets, it will remain on it for a few seconds thanks to the suction and then slip off without the need to wear a strap. If the glass falls too quickly, it proves that the glass does not fit or the rim has no suction. You choose the glasses that bring you the most comfortable feeling, fit me best to be able to use long when underwater.